Cambodia Visa Application Services

Visa Authority offers a number of visa application services for travellers, workers and migrants to Cambodia. We offer visa agency services for Tourists (Category T e-Visa); Business/workers (Category E business visas and work permits); and temporary transit visitors (Category D online visas).

Travel e-Visas

Are you looking to travel to Cambodia for Tourism? Visas are required for all travellers.The e-Visa (Type T) can be applied for online, in advance of travel.

Work Permits

Are you looking to undertake work or permanent employment in Cambodia? You will need a Category E Business Visa, and possibly a foreigner’s work permit.

Transit Visas

Cambodia now offers the Category D Transit Visa available online for passengers transiting Cambodia.  It is valid for only three days from the date of entry.

Disclaimer: Cambodia Visa Authority is a trading standard of Visa Authority Ltd. It is a private company which acts as a visa agency for visa applicants to Cambodia. It is not affiliated with the Cambodian government. It is possible to apply for a visa via the Cambodian government instead of our website. We offer visa agency application services. The final decision to enter Cambodia is at the discretion of officers of the Cambodia Ministry of International Affairs and Tourism

Tourist e-Visa Application

Services Offered

For all Visa Types

  • Visa assessments and pre-Application checks
  • Visa lodgement services via our visa agents
  • Automatic Visa postponement where required
  • Application information tidying and clarification
  • Application photo editing and submission to government format

For Working and Business Visa Types

  • Application assessments and form assistance
  • Representation of your case to the Ministry of Tourism and International Cooperation
  • Representation of your case to the Ministry of Labour
  • Liaison and referral with local private firms to assist in work permit renewal

By applying and paying for your Cambodia Category T, D or E Visa through Visa Authority Ltd, your application will be assessed, lodged and managed through to completion by our experienced Visa Agents. Applicants may choose to apply directly via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism at the official government website.